Smart MEGA250 Promo

Smart has a not-so new promo that I have heard about last December, but tried today. It’s the MEGA250 promo. It is exclusive to Smart Buddy subscribers. This is so economical and convenient.

The promo includes:

  • unlimited SMS (texts) to Philippine networks (Smart, TNT, Globe, TM and Sun)
  • 180 minutes call to Smart, TNT and Sun
  • 100MB mobile Internet

This is available via registration only. Meaning, you have to text the promo code by yourself to avail. You only need to have at least Php250 worth of airtime load. The usual Php1 maintaining balance is not required!

To register, simply text:


and send it to 2477.

Registration is valid for 30 days. You can text and call anyone, anywhere in the Philippines. To call domestic mobile, dial *2477 + 11-digit mobile number.

Example: *247709191234567

You can use Mobile Internet by browsing up to 100MB using your mobile browser. 100MB is not a lot though, but you can already visit usual websites like Facebook and Twitter every day for like 10~20 minutes. But you can maximize it by visiting mobile websites with the animations, pictures and sounds all turned off. When you exceed the allotted 100MB, you will be charged with the on going rates.

My contacts are of different networks so this promo suits me best.

This promo is extended until May 15, 2013. Sigh, this is not a paid ad. You can visit for more clarifications. =)


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