My DIY Dip-Dye Ombre Shorts

I have long been curious with how to make ombre shorts. I have watched several youtube videos and voila, I made my own yesterday. Mine’s not perfect though. I was not able to secure the needed (Venus) packets for desired color so the middle color turned out very light. I only had two.

My shorts were originally a light denim color so I immersed half of them first in bleach. (I forgot to take a picture with the original shorts.) I wrung them so they won’t drip, but they’re still damp.

I then boiled a pot of water. Or just enough to submerge my shorts with.

After boiling, I poured the water on a bucket and started pouring in my Venus packets of dye. They were violet. I mixed them well and added some salt.


Then I slowly lowered my shorts.

I soaked it in for, like a minute.
This time, if you don’t like the shade of your color, you can increase the amount of your dye. I didn’t have any more violet dye so it was very light. Next, I changed the shade of the dye by adding 2 packets each of navy blue and red dyes. The color changed to maroon, and it sets as my bottom color. Finally, I dipped the bottom part of my shorts into the maroon dye.

Then I rinsed the shorts.

Washed them until the colors won’t separate anymore.

Hanged them dry.


and wearing them now! πŸ˜€
IMG_3401 IMG_3406

I hope this helps in making yours too. =))

What you’ll need:

  • A pot of boiling water
  • Different shades of dye (I had 2 packets of purple, 2 packets each of navy blue and red for the bottom color)
  • Salt to taste
  • Bucket and a stirrer

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